Micro powerplants PARS 20.01 and 200.02 have now been approved by an environmental fund PolSEFF, established in Poland in 2012 by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and placed on their LEME list of equipment pre-approved for low-rate financing. On that list investors may find any energy-saving devices or sources of renewable (low CO2 emission) energy. Power plants PARS 20.01 and PARS 200.02 are the only approved emissionless biowaste equipment in the country. The customer interested in a purchase or a lease of a PARS power plant should print a Certificate of Pre-Approval from the PARS page on the Fund’s web site and take it to any of the 5 banks, servicing the Fund ( (POLSEFF financing) . After the financing is approved (takes about a week) and the power plant installation, the customer receives 10-15% Energy Bonus