UNICORN Power is an international team with the roots in the U.S., working in the U.K. and in Poland to take advantage of the good business climate for the development of renewable energy technologies based on gasification, and for the R&D and project financing.

The company was founded in 2009 to develop projects relating to production of renewable energy from biomass and other organic wastes and registered in the U.K. in 2013. After securing a cold-plasma license for the clean and energy-efficient gasification of such feedstocks as agro/forestry waste and MSW/sludge, the road was paved to inexpensive power & heat generation. The effect of that may be production of electricity and fuels using unsophisticated yet foolproof class of gasification equipment.

One of the directions of the company development is production of inexpensive and clean fuels, such as : diesel fuel, gasoline, methanol and jet fuel (kerosene) from organic waste feedstocks and even from natural gas in any concentration.

In the future, the company management is planning to spin-off to investors several narrower, but commercially promising, technologies, such as : de-sulfurization of syngas, natural gas and biogas, landfill gas and gas from UCG (Underground Coal Gasification), production of renewable hydrogen (RH2), cleanup of ship ballast, poor coal burners for power plants, improved hydrocarbon separation from tar sands and tar sand waste cleanups, as well as the processing of flare gas to prevent environmental hazards. Following the initial technology development, the company has collaborated with several universities to further develop its own solutions.

Currently, we have developed a containerised off-grid solar chiller for use in the food industry (bananas, mangos, strawberries, grapes, cut flowers, etc.) and other civilian and military